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As part of the standard business sponsorship, 457 visa also known as temporary skilled (working) visa is the most common way for employers to bring overseas workers to fill skilled vacancies in Australia. This program is for so called temporary business longer stay professionals and can be used by either Australian or overseas businesses.

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Businesses can utilize this type of visa to get the workforce with skill sets that are available overseas at any given moment. These arrangements can last for up to 4 years and these professionals can bring secondary applicants along with them who can work and study. What is particularly helpful with 457 visa is the fact that once the applicants are in Australia, there is no limit on how many time they can travel in and out of the country.

Working Visa Requirements and Application Process

Australian Work 457 Visa
For employer to be able to recruit overseas workers, there needs to be a need that couldn’t be fulfilled from the local labour market in which case the business applies for approval to be a standard business sponsor. When the sponsorships is granted by the Australian Immigration Department, the employer can go ahead and nominate the person to work in Australia. It is at this stage that the nominated worker makes an application to obtain the subclass 457 visa from the Department.

Sponsoring Employer Obligations

A sponsoring employer has many obligations toward the Department of Immigration as well as the visa applicant and they include full cooperation with the Department inspectors and auditors, same terms of employment and conditions that Australian workers enjoy, cover the costs of the primary visa 457 applicants when they are ready to leave Australia and finally the sponsoring employers are obligated to keep the records and provide them to the department if and when requested.

Who can Apply for Skilled visa (457 Visa)?

Any persons who have been nominated by an approved employer to temporary migrate to Australia and fill a specific position can apply for this visa. This includes employees who are already employed by the company and are working in another overseas branch of the business. The same application form that attracts the application fee can be used by the other members of the primary applicant’s family unit.

Also referred to as secondary applicants, they can include the primary applicant’s de-facto partner or a child who has not married after the application had been lodged and is under the age of 21. If the primary applicant had already lodged the application, it is possible for the secondary applicant to make a separate visa application, however this will attract a new application fee. Identification documents such as certified copy of your passport and birth certificate as well as evidence that you are a member of primary applicant’s family unit are some of the basic requirements.

All visa 457 applicants are required to provide evidence of medical insurance arrangements with Australian or overseas provider before the visa is granted. While on a topic of health, as an applicant you will need to undergo health examination proving that you meet health requirements for the role you are applying for. Once the application and all the documentation is submitted, Australian Immigration Department states on their website that contacting the Department about the existing visa application is best done in writing.

457 work (skilled) visa.

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