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Anybody aspiring to study in another country should ask themselves a question of why study in Australia and more specific questions such as – is my course available, what to expect, what are the benefits and how to obtain Australian student visa. The good news is that there are literally thousands of courses on offer.

Our full service to applicants include assistance with wide range of visas whilst we place special focus on Australian Student Visa assistance including new visas as well as visa extensions.

We help our clients obtain permanent residency (PR) and citizenship status as well as conduct representations at Migration Review Tribunals if that is required.

McArdle Migration agent experts in Sydney poses registration with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and are bound by its Code of Conduct.

Should the matter require hearing in front of magistrate, our immigration lawyers also based in Sydney are here to help.

As Australia is known for its innovative and creative culture and approach to education, you can expect to learn how to work as part of a team by communicating effectively and developing practical and intellectual skills that you need in today’s career and professional world. Being able to think in a creative and original way will give you necessary abilities to solve real-world problems in turn giving you a perfect head start when applying for jobs with Australian and international employers.

There are multiple other reasons why your Australian student visa will help you in your future life by enabling you to study, work and potentially stay in Australia permanently. One of the first steps is contacting an Australian education migration agent who help international students with student visa applications. As with any migration agent in Australia that you may hire, ensure that they are certified with the Office of Migration Agent Registration Authority (MARA) which is a government body. These migration agents may also have completed the Education Agent Training Course however this is not mandatory. You will also want to discuss the fees that they charge for these services as well as any affiliations with education institutions that they are helping you enroll with.

One of the initial steps in your decision process would also be to choose what type of education you are interested in. The Australian educational system has 4 principal sectors and they are English language training, schools, vocational education and training and universities. Australian education and training system was designed with the flexibility in mind enabling students to move easily from one sector, qualification level and institution to the other. Each of the above mentioned main educational sectors will offer various courses ranging from entry English language courses to university undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Student Visa Extension

The application process for Australian student visa involves steps of obtaining, completing and submitting the application form directly to the education institutions or via the education agent. You will be hoping to receive the confirmation of enrolment in a form of letter of offer. Once you have this confirmation, you can apply for Australian student visa through either the Australian Embassy or Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship in your country.

If you are successful with your Australian student visa application and arrive and study in Australia for a period of time, you may want to seek Australian student visa extension. Since you are now in Australia and more familiar with the laws and customs of this country, the best course of action would be to contact one of the local migration agents for help with the student visa extension. Important fact to point out is that you can only extend your stay in Australia if your student visa does not specifically state No Further Stay.

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