Yes, We’re Still OPEN!

Just to let everyone know, we are still working normally at Level 13 276 Pitt St. Ph: 8262 6200.

We have hand sanitizer at the front desk which we ask everyone to please use.

You will always be at least 1.5 metres from anyone, including in our meeting rooms.

Of course, if actual physical contact can be avoided, it is best to do everything by email/phone etc, and we suggest that.

We have been conducting some quite productive court sessions by phone. We are currently doing a fully functioning Federal Court Hearing via “Microsoft Teams” (ie, ‘skype’).

Of course, all Fair Work Conciliations are by phone.

If there is a “lock down” and we have to vacate the city, then just call the office number, and you will be diverted to mobile. We will all be fully on line, and working normally, from home.

The whole community, including us, should be pulling together on this.

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