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For more detailed information, Special Counsel Deirdre McEvoy has prepared a summary on the “Jobkeeper Legislation” by which we all hope Australia will weather the current crisis. Click here

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McArdle Legal advises employers and individuals on all work-related problems (except Workers Compensation).

McArdle Legal emphasises Employment / Workplace Law. Few other firms can guarantee that the lawyer handling your matter is not just “dabbling” in this complex area. In addition, McArdle Legal, being a specialist firm, will not see your custom as a marketing opportunity for other services of the firm, which you have not sought.

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Chris McArdle Employment & Industrial Law Specialist

Chris McArdle

Chris McArdle, Principal Lawyer, is one of approximately only forty lawyers accredited by the Law Society of New South Wales as a Specialist in Employment and Industrial Law. Chris has been in practice since 1988, and prior to entering the legal profession served for five years as a New South Wales Industrial Commissioner.

The rest of the team – Deirdre McEvoy and Kieran McArdle – not only specialise in this area but are also the authors of respected articles on the subject. For career details of our lawyers, see the Our Team page.

Corporate clients are guaranteed confidentiality and are never boasted about. Our employment and workplace lawyers have an excellent record in providing succinct and effective “as you go” advice which assists in the prevention or curtailment of workplace issues.

For Individuals – we can assist individuals where there is no conflict of interest. Our aim is to achieve outcomes for employees which enable reasonable compensation and help to avoid the trauma of litigation.

As trainers – McArdle Legal provides speakers to most employment law seminars in Sydney. We also conduct professional training seminars for lawyers on required training modules

Employment legal services that we specialise in

  • Employment Law
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Anti-discrimination Law
  • Termination of Employment (unfair dismissal lawyers)
  • Employment contract whereby work is performed
  • Workplace bullying and harassment
  • Workplace discrimination

Then, there is our record – We have achieved over the years the following milestones in this area of law:

  • The largest ever award under the New South Wales Unfair Contracts Jurisdiction.
  • The precedent setting judgement on the principle of “inherent requirements of the job” in the Anti-Discrimination jurisdiction for a disabled person
  • The benchmark judgement in the Australian Industrial Relations Commission which established the use of the “Public Interest Test” in approving Australian Workplace Agreements which had failed the “No Disadvantage Test”
  • We have prepared comprehensive protocols in advance of the incoming “WorkChoices Reforms” which will smooth the way for companies and individuals upon their implementation.
  • “McArdle Legal has developed a set of requirements which meets the Driver Fatigue Regulations, due to commence in March, 2006, and affects the Transport Industry”.

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