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Chris McArdle Employment & Industrial Law SpecialistChris McArdle

Principal Lawyer

Chris McArdle is one of approximately forty lawyers in New South Wales accredited by the Law Society of New South Wales as a specialist in Employment and Industrial Law. Chris has been in legal practice since 1988 and prior to that, served as a Commissioner of the Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales. Chris acts for corporate and individual clients with a philosophy of preventing problems and increasing corporate efficiency. Chris has achieved a number of breakthroughs in the anti-discrimination, senior executive contracts, termination of employment, and ‘general protections’ jurisdictions.

Chris is a regular presenter of seminar papers and has published several articles in both mainstream press and specialist journals.

Contact Chris:
Phone: 02 8262 6201
Email: chris@mcardlelegal.com.au

Deirdre McEvoyDeirdre McEvoy

Senior Associate

Deirdre McEvoy practiced in Ireland before settling in Australia in 2004. Deirdre is one of the few Australian Employment Lawyers who are also admitted and had practical training and experience in the European Union. Deirdre practices exclusively in employment law and has published articles in journals both here and in Ireland, including the Law Society Journal. Deirdre is accredited by the Law Society of New South Wales as a specialist in Employment and Industrial Law and is also a member of Chartered Secretaries Australia.

Contact Deirdre:
Phone: 02 8262 6203
Email: deirdre@mcardlelegal.com.au

Mary Anne Ford

Migration Agent Number: 1170178

Mary Anne is a past statutory member of the Migration Review Tribunal and the Refugee Review Tribunal.
Since entering private practice, Mary Anne has successfully acted at a senior level for clients in a full range of migration services.

Contact Mary Anne:
Phone: 02 8262 6200
Email: maryanne@mcardlelegal.com.au

Kieran McArdleKieran McArdle


Kieran was a fully licensed builder who was in business for himself until 2011, when he decided on a career change and joined our firm.

He brings with him a decade of commercial experience, and first-hand knowledge of the challenges and pressures of running a small business. Kieran specialises in alternative dispute resolution.

Contact Kieran:
Phone: 02 8262 6200
Email: kieran@mcardlelegal.com.au

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